Why wooden floors?

As we choose a dream floor, we often ask ourselves the question: artificial or genuine? Small wonder. Laminate flooring and natural wood flooring have a number of advantages in common. Still, as those who have settled for a genuine wood floor say, the artificial product can never be a worthy match for a work created by perfect nature…

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Choosing an ideal surface finish

Varnish or oil? Coloured or clear? Or perhaps a brushed surface with delicate streaks of coloured stain? It is not at all easy to decide about the floor finish. 

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We look after nature

Being every day surrounded with plastic, metal and glass, we long for nature, for what is primeval, true, immemorial. Such is wood and so more and more often our houses host floors made of this material. Unfortunately, uncontrolled exploitation of nature may pose a major threat to the environment.

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Description of various wood species

Each wood species is unique, has its inimitable personality and original character. It is worthwhile getting to know these before we decide which species we are going to use in our interiors. 

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Description of oak wood grades

Each oak floor is of a particular grade, which serves to emphasize its unique character. The grade presents such natural features of wood as knots, grain figure, sapwood or heartwood. 

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What is the structure of the Baltic Wood three-layer hardwood floor?

A proper construction of the floor influences the way it “contracts and expands”, as well as the number of years of service it is going to give us. Since the market is saturated with floors of various constructions, where individual layers are made of different materials, it pays to know what to take into consideration while choosing the best floor for our home. 

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Baltic Wood flooring installation system

The Baltic Wood offer features floors which can be installed using state-of-the-art adhesive-free installation systems: BALTIC LOC™ 2G i 5G. However, bear in mind that before you begin installation, you should always carefully read the installation instructions and the guarantee card. 

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