Why wooden floors?

As we choose a dream floor, we often ask ourselves the question: artificial or genuine? Small wonder. Laminate flooring and natural wood flooring have a number of advantages in common. A variety of designs and ease of installation are just a few of these. Still, as those who have settled for a genuine wood floor say, the artificial product can never be a worthy match for a work created by perfect nature.

A difference perceptible by touch

Thanks to the natural properties of the material as well as its distinctive and original appearance, the wooden floor has a capacity to create a cosy, sophisticated and safe interior. It is like  enjoying the aroma  and beauty of real forest instead of looking at it in a picture postcard. Unlike cold laminate, wood, which is warm and pleasant to the touch makes one want to walk barefoot around every nook and cranny of the house. What is more, unlike synthetics, wood muffles the sounds and noise of steps.

The anti-static surface of natural material flooring, finished with water-borne varnish and oil barren of allergenic compounds, makes for children’s safe play. It is worth knowing that not only during the use of the wooden floor, but also while recycling it, no environment-unfriendly substances are liberated. What is more, natural wood floors “breathe”, thus maintaining a proper microclimate in the apartment, e.g. steady air humidity.

Investment for years to come

Advocates of laminate flooring claim that one of the benefits of such a product is its durability. It is true that artificial materials are cheaper than 100% wood, but it is noteworthy that though they are more scratch-resistant, they cannot be regenerated, and so the whole floor needs to be changed. As a result, we have to change laminate flooring every few years.

Wood flooring is not only damage resistant, but it can also carry a several-dozen-year guarantee, just like Baltic Wood products. Furthermore, the older the wood, the more noble its look. In addition, natural material can be renovated several times.

More and more often producers offer floors in the adhesive-free system, thanks to which in the event of damage done to one element, it is possible to replace it easily. It is also remarkable that wooden floors are characterized by high resistance to changeable conditions of the interior, as well as to change in the dimensions of the floor in the case when it is re-installed in a place other than the original one. It is worth remembering that many floors can be installed over floor heating.

If we choose wooden flooring, over the years we are sure to save much more money and time than in the case of synthetic flooring.

Extravaganza of colours and finishes

Wooden flooring competes more and more fiercely with laminate flooring as far as diversity is concerned. Customers can choose a dream product made of European, American or extraordinarily colourful exotic wood. Light or dark, in the 1-strip board or the more popular and cheaper 3-strip board pattern.

Numerous variations also apply to floor surfaces, which can be refined with stain (also coloured), brushing process, distress effect, oil (e.g. coloured or ecological one) or varnish (matt, semi-matt, etc.) We can also choose from a number of available grades presenting such natural wood features as knots, grain pattern, heartwood or sapwood.


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