Jatoba Elegance 1R

semi-matt lacq.

Podłoga z drewna jatoby we wzorze deski 1-rzędowej. Drewno o bardzo intensywnej cynamonowej barwie oraz zwartej i jednolitej strukturze. Powierzchnia cechuje się charakterystycznymi dla jatoby sporadycznie występującymi małymi zdrowymi sękami. Mogą występować ślady soli mineralnych. Podłoga odznacza się dużą zmiennością odcieni. Zmiana barwy pod wpływem promieni UV: intensywnie ciemnieje.

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Available dimensions and bevels

Floor attributes

Very hard wood – choose for rooms which are very heavily used.

Very hard wood: 2350 lbf (Janka scale)

Floor colour changes when exposed to UV rays.

Floor colour change: intense - darkening

Adhesive-free assembly system.


Baltic Wood wooden floors are ready to be used immediately after installation.

To be used immediately after installation

index WE-1E211-L02
wood Jatoba
type layered
pattern 1-strip board pattern
finish semi-matt lacq.
dimension PREMIUM SIZE (2200x182x14 mm)
SLIM SIZE (2200x148x14 mm)
bevel no
board joining system Baltic locTM 2G
wood hardness *** very hard
variation of wood colour due to uv radiation exposure intense - darkening
floor heating NO

Choose professional cleaning agent, to enjoy the beauty of the floor for a long time.

Cleaning concentrate for varnished floors (1000 ml)

It is perfect for everyday maintenance of wooden floors coated with varnish.

volume: 1000 мl

Renovation agent for varnished floors – semi-matt (1000 ml)

Protects wooden floor coated with semi-matt varnish from scratches, renovates it and at the same time leaves a protective layer on the floor surface.

volume: 1000 мл

consumption approx..: 1 l/40-45 m²

Match proper skirting board for your hardwood floor



WHITE SKIRTING BOARD P/P FU88L - choose a white skirting board to lend the interior a unique character. You can also paint it any colour you wish!

DEKRA 9001 and CE

ISO 9001 Certificate attests to the implementation of the quality management system at Baltic Wood as well as the appropriate course of external audits.

DEKRA 14001

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate determines the monitoring principles of activity that impact the environment, e.g. use of natural resources, recycling of industrial waste, energy consumption, etc.


M1 certificate granted by Finnish foundation RTS - Finnish Building Information Foundation to materials that passed the laboratory tests, and thus meet the highest Scandinavian norms on the emission of harmful chemical compounds. Baltic Wood is the only Polish wood flooring manufacturer that posesses M1 certificate.


The Real Wood logo is awarded by FEP (The European Federation of the Parquet Industry) certifies that the products are made of 100% wood.


Baltic Wood has been granted the Golden Emblem QI in the HIGHEST QUALITY QI Program for the fourth time (previously in 2012, 2011 and 2010). The contest is targeted at companies that can boast world-class achievements. The Program Chapter is composed of the representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Club of Polish Forum ISO 9000.


In this prestigious contest Baltic Wood has been honoured with the emblem QUALITY OF THE YEAR. GOLD by the Jury composed of outstanding experts. The high standards of the company’s operation have been appreciated as far as the following criteria are concerned: successful implementation of the quality policy, transparency of the procedures in operation, a high degree of staff commitment to achieving quality aims, great dedication to providing highest quality products and services, effective management of the organization.


Znak potwierdza, że Baltic Wood prowadzi od lat własną politykę proekologiczną, wytyczając ambitne cele środowiskowe,
które chronią otoczenie i pomagają żyć zgodnie z naturą. świadomość ekologiczna firmy znajduje odzwierciedlenie we wszystkich obszarach jej działalności.

Guarantee of Baltic Wood Superior Quality

This sign guarantee that the objective of Baltic Wood is to maintain a leading position in the domestic market and one of the leading positions in the foreign market among producers of natural wood floors that meet the highest European quality standards.


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) logo and Rainforest Alliance certificate state that the timber used for making floors has been obtained from forests that realize the Rules of Good Forest Management.

Above-average quality flooring is confirmed by the 30-year warranty (floors used in living quarters).

Warranty Card: Baltic LOC2G_warranty 1.pdf

Appropriate assembly and maintenance of the floor will allow you to enjoy the beauty of hardwood floors for years:

Installation instructions: Baltic LOC2G_installation.pdf

Leaflet on the care of wooden floors: Baltic Wood_maintenance.pdf

Specifications and parameters included in the e-cards are for illustration only, are subject to change and vary for selected products.